Barbara Ganin
Family & Personal Life Coach


Every human being is whole and complete

                             from the moment they are born.

I honor your dignity, your potential,

                             your passion, and your self-expression.


I am Barbara Ganin, a personal life coach. 

What is a personal coach?

Someone who is focused 100% on you--your success and your development.

I coach people to discover their passion, and then to live it; to set goals, both professionally and personally,

and then take the actions to achieve them; and to move forward in every area of their life

Your coach is your partner in living a life that is aligned with your true values.

Who benefits from personal coaching?

Anyone who has a goal and is not taking the actions they know they should take.

Coaching benefits anyone who is ready to move forward in their personal or professional lives.

An individual who wants to reach personal goals or find their passion,

A couple or family who could benefit from a third party who creates a safe space for people to tell the truth and to find each other,

A divorcing couple with children who desire a less painful process and are a stand for their kids' well-being,

Whether you are

   in transition, 

     setting new goals for yourself,

          tolerating a situation you would like to change,

               or just feel "stuck" in a rut, 

                       a personal coach can help you move forward, and help you take action! 

Let me work with you to clarify your goals, and to eliminate

whatever is stopping you from reaching them!

To contact me, go to the tab 'Contact Me' and fill in the form, or just email me at


As a personal coach, I am excited to work with you to clarify your goals, and to help you reach them.

I am dedicated to you, and what you are up to in life.

I look forward to speaking with you, and determining how I can help you take actions to move your life plan forward.

Working together, you can accomplish more than you thought possible.