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"A coach is dedicated 100% to you and your success--to helping you identify your goals, and to reaching them.

Let me be your partner in living the life you really want!"


What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client, where the client identifies goals, but is not taking actions to reach them, and wants a partner in planning the actions to get them to their goals.

When a client has a dilemma that they are grappling with, and feels "stuck" as to how to deal with it, the coach helps the client do their best thinking on the matter, and see a path to solving that dilemma.

If you are a person who has goals, or wants to enjoy their lives more, working with a coach can create new paths to take, and be a journey of self-discovery.

As your coach, I am committed to you, your well-being, your joy, your success, and your full self-expression of who you are.

Who hires a coach?

Someone with a vision, or with specific goals

Someone in transition (career, lifestyle, relationship, life-altering event, personal changes)

Someone tolerating circumstances they would like to change, but "stuck" and not taking action

Someone who wants to make changes in their life and wants a sounding board to insure that they are making the right calls in picking new directions

Virtually anyone can benefit from coaching

Why does coaching work?

Coaching is a dedicated relationship. It provides an ongoing structure for clarifying values, setting goals, and taking actions.

Because of the synergy that develops between you and your coach, you are much more likely to do what it takes to reach your goals.

And it is a proven technology which produces results quickly. A coach works with all of a person, so that you have everything you need to accomplish what you really want.

What do you bring to the process?

A desire to move your life forward

A willingness to do some thinking and perhaps make a change

An openness with the coach, and a willingness to be honest with yourself.


The Power to Choose contains all of the tools that I use in my daily life, and in my practice, to stay centered, to empower myself, and to make sure I am the best ME that I can be. I want a life I love, and I want you to have one, too!



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