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You are a miracle worker.  In one evening you totally turned things around for both of them.  The tension between them dissolved overnight. Your willingness to come into the situation gave them both a trustworthy and caring sounding board and mediator. What you did was very successful!

Can you imagine how wonderful it was to have peace restored to the household, particularly when it involves two people I love so much? I know they love each other to death, but they really got stuck. So important to me for them to have an amazing relationship.

They seemed to be in a good place and relaxed with each other by the next morning. When issues come up, they will think back on that session, and have a better chance at communicating before there's a relationship breakdown.  That's an amazing outcome in my eyes.

Thank you for your support! I don't think this would be happening without your amazing coaching!

                                                                                 I am forever indebted to you!

The Power to Choose contains all of the tools that I use in my daily life, and in my practice, to stay centered, to empower myself, and to make sure I am the best ME that I can be. I want a life I love, and I want you to have one, too!



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