Barbara Ganin
Family & Personal Life Coach




"A coach is dedicated 100% to you and your success--to helping you identify your goals, and to reaching them.

Let me be your partner in living the life you really want!"


About Me

Barbara Ganin, Professional Life Coach

Author, "The Power to Choose", 2014

Certificate Program in Personal Life Coaching, New York University

Training at CoachU & Landmark Education

Certificate in Divorce Mediation from NJAPM

Barbara has had a long career in the business world.

She also spent years studying, training, reading and practicing varying models of human behavior and communication. Coach training was a big part of this work. 

Barbara is the mother of two children, a son and a daughter. Her divorce from their father was accomplished through mediation. Her appreciation for that less painful process of divorce led her to want to help other couples and families lessen the negative impact of separation and divorce.

Besides coaching individuals, Barbara especially likes to work with families and couples.  "Mediating" a relationship between two or more people can help lessen the anger and resentment, and allow a safe-space for people to tell the truth, and find each other.

The Power to Choose contains all of the tools that I use in my daily life, and in my practice, to stay centered, to empower myself, and to make sure I am the best ME that I can be. I want a life I love, and I want you to have one, too!



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